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Asher Shomrone -- Executive Director
Prior to founding AltruVentions, Asher developed wealth of experience, in a variety of sectors including information products and services, copywriting, bundeled IT services, optical technology, event atmospherics, market research, marketing, real-estate, medical, environmental technology, parenting, gaming, consumer health products, neuroscience, and financial services.

For several years, he acted as an educator and was a much demanded consultant on game technology and its applications. Previously, he led market research and did management consulting at firms such as Servertogo, a leader in fast deployed server systems serving the finance and insurance industry, where he closed such landmark accounts as AIG.

Earlier in his career, he carried out market research for the planning of medical clinics located in the NYC area and he worked for Pelehon the then exclusive carrier of Dahon bikes in the middle east strategizing a growth campaign that resulted in leading class volume in the region.

Asher is an extensive traveller (hoping to speak 8 languages fluently by 2015) and although relatively young, is an insane lover of the game of backgammon. He takes on all challengers and invites persons from around the world to share their language and culture with him.

Matt Whalen --
Has an evironmental science and geology background. He has worked 10 yrs at Long Island water corp, and 5 years at Rockville Centre water dept, and has a deep knowledge of their Opererations and Purification. Matt has a NY state class II B water operators license.